OnlineDCTC Frequently Asked Questions


OnlineDCTC Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is my username and password for D2L Brightspace?

A: For students and faculty, your username is your MnSCU StarID username and password.  You need to activate your StarID account before you can use it.  To activate, go to

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Click this link to go to the StarID site to change your password

Q: What do I do if I forgot my password?

A: If you have forgotten your StarID password, go to the StarID site Forgotten Password page

Q: What do I do if I forgot my StarID?

A: If you have forgotten your StarID, go to the StarID site Forgotten StarID page

Q: What do I do if I forgot my StarID and Password?

A: If you have forgotten your StarID, go to the StarID site Forgotten StarID & Password page

Q: What is a student ID or tech ID number?

A: Your student ID and tech ID are the same number, they are an 8-digit number specific to your Dakota County Technical College student record.  If you attend another MnSCU school, your have unique student ID numbers at each school.   You would find your student/techID number on your registration, tuition bill or student ID card.

Q: When can I login to view my course syllabus and information?

A: Course content becames available on the first day of the course.

My Courses

Q: I registered for classes today, but why are they not on D2L Brightspace?

A: The student registration system and D2L Brightspace are two separate computer systems.  D2L Brightspace receives changes to class lists (such as added or dropped students) during an overnight database update.  If you registered today, your courses will be available on D2L Brightspace tomorrow morning. 

Q: I am a new student and I registered for classes next semester, why I can't log in to D2L Brightspace?

A: New students and student course registration is updated in the D2L Brightspace system approximately 20 days before the start of the semester.

Q: Why is one of my courses not showing up on D2L Brightspace?

A: This question could have several possible answers:

  • Not all of the courses taught at Dakota County Technical College will use D2L Brightspace. Courses delivered online or as a hybrid of both classroom and online delivery will use D2L Brightspace, but courses taught in the classroom may or may not use D2L Brightspace for course support.

  • If you just registered for the course, it will be available on D2L Brightspace after the overnight database update.

  • If you did not make a tuition payment or payment plan, it is possible your registration for the course was cancelled.  Check in e-services to make sure your registration is up to date.

Q: My course was listed on D2L Brightspace, why is it not showing up in the list now?

A:  If a course is not longer listed on your D2L Brightspace, you may want to verify your registration is current in e-services.  It is possible that the course was dropped for non-payment of tuition.  Another possible issue would be if you did not participate in an online course within the first week of the course, your instructor may have reported you as a "no-show" in the course and you were removed. 

Course Information

Q: How do I find out what books I need for my course?

A: You can find the textbook or other course material information on the DCTC Bookstore website.  Go to and click on the "Textbooks" link.

Q: How do I contact my instructor?

A: On your course registration you will find your instructor's name, use the Dakota County Technical College directory to find their email or phone number.  In a D2L Brightspace course, you can also the "Email" tool to email your instructor.

Contact Information