Test Proctoring Services

Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring Services

We provide test proctoring services for DCTC students as well as students attending other colleges and universities. We do not charge a fee for test proctoring.

This does not include proctoring services for industry certification exams or pre-employment testing.

Online/Computer-based Testing

DCTC provides proctoring for online or computer-based testing. Please note: we will NOT install any special software or plug-ins such as LockDown Browser etc. and testing systems must be compatible with our current browsers and computer configurations.

Using a personal laptop for testing will require the permission of your college or university or instructor.

DCTC does provide guest wireless internet access, but we are not able guarantee the reliability of its use for testing. Guest laptops cannot connect into the DCTC wired network. We are unable provide test proctoring services using cell phone or tablet computers.

We do not have resources to provide audio or video test proctoring (such as language exams).

Written Paper Testing

DCTC provides test proctoring services for written exams. Exam materials can be sent from your college or university in the mail or via email.

Students are responsible for providing writing and mailing supplies including envelopes and postage for any exam materials that must be mailed back to their home college or university.

We are able to scan and email exam materials if that is acceptable for your instructor or school. We do not have fax services available for receiving or sending exam materials.

Test Proctoring Schedule

Test proctoring is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the DCTC main campus. Please note that testing must be completed by the site closing time as we are not able to extend hours to accomodate test completion. We do not have evening or weekend test proctoring services.

DCTC students have first priority for testing services; appointments are highly recommended for students from other colleges and universities. However, we will not schedule an appointment until we have received testing materials from your college, university or instructor.

DCTC Students

If your instructor has required a proctored online test, please bring your DCTC student identification card or other photo ID and go to room 2-101 (Instructional Technology Center). Check in with the lab staff for directions to begin your test.

Requesting Test Proctoring

If you are a student attending a college or university other than DCTC, you can request proctoring online.

Request Proctoring Online

Proctoring requests should be completed no less than 5 days prior to your exam dates. We will not be able to schedule testing appointments until we have received the testing materials from your college, university or instructor.