Author's Note

Author's Note

Author's Note

Preparation and reflection are the best ways to get the most out a session with your writing tutor.

  • Divided into two sections, the first with three steps, the second with one step, the Author's Note is a simple tool that will help with the process.
  • Write your answers to the first three steps before your session. These steps will help guide your conversation with your tutor.
  • The last step should be completed after your session. This step will give you the material you need to tackle your next draft.
  • A series of Author's Notes will allow you to chart revisions from draft to draft and also help you write your self-evaluation.
  • Take a moment or three to consider your draft…and happy writing!

Before Your Session

1. History

Write the history of your draft.

  • Why are you writing this piece?
  • Where did you get the idea for the piece?
  • How many drafts have you written?
  • What has changed from draft to draft?
  • Why did you make these choices or changes?
2. Strengths

Note the strengths of your draft.

  • What areas seem particularly strong?
  • What parts make you proud?
  • What about these parts strikes you as exemplary?
  • What excites you about them?
3. Places for Improvement

Point out places for further revision.

  • What areas are giving you trouble?
  • Which seem confusing or out of place?
  • Why?
  • What questions do you have for your tutor?
4. Insights

Review the knowledge you gained from your session.

  • What feedback did you receive to aid your revision?
  • What strategies will you use to approach writing your next draft?
  • What questions did your tutor ask, and what were your answers?
  • How might these answers guide you in your next draft?
  • What is your plan for this draft, and why?