Faculty Guide

Writing Center Services

  • Professional and peer tutoring to help writers improve their work through the use of self-guided writing exercises.
  • Tutors discuss topics with students, offer feedback on working drafts of papers, suggest writing strategies, diagnose writing problems, and—most importantly—listen to writers and help them gain a perspective on their writing.
  • Web site with links to online references and e-mail tutoring.

Best Ways for Faculty Members to Utilize Writing Center

Request a class visit.
  • The Writing Center staff will gladly conduct brief class visits to distribute brochures, describe our services and answer student questions.
Send us copies of your course assignments.
  • Even if you are not working directly with the Writing Center, students from your class may wish to seek our assistance. You can help them and us by sending copies of your syllabi and assignments. We'll review them and keep them on file to help us understand your expectations for student writing.
Encourage students to use the Writing Center.
  • Students are frequently unsure if you approve of outside sources helping them with their writing. You can change this perception by encouraging your students to take advantage of the Writing Center's FREE assistance.
  • If students are offered an authorized source of writing assistance, they may feel less inclined to exploit unauthorized sources that might lead to plagiarism.

Best Ways to Let Students Know about the Writing Center

  • Refer students to the Writing Center early in the writing process. Don't wait to use tutoring as a punishment for poor papers.
  • Note our services on your syllabus, assignment sheets and handouts.
  • Insert a hyperlink to the Writing Center Web page on your program's Web page.
  • Remind students orally of the Writing Center each time you mention a writing assignment.

The Writing Center is NOT a "Fix-It Shop"

Students may attempt to drop off their papers and say, "I'll pick it up in an hour." Even if we provided this service, the assistance would be counterproductive because the student would not learn to become a better writer.

The Writing Center tutors will not edit or proofread papers. Instead, tutors will point out common errors in usage so that students begin to recognize patterns in their mistakes, which they can then begin to correct on their own.