• Writing Center assistants are full-time professional tutors and peer tutors.
  • They are trained to help you achieve your writing goals.

What Tutors Do

  • Tutors work with students and faculty at any stage of the writing process on any writing assignment or project at DCTC—not just writing related to English classes.
  • Your tutor will ask questions and make suggestions that will give you more control over your writing.

Meeting with a Tutor

  • Your tutor will ask to see assignment sheets, syllabi or other materials related to your assignment.
  • Your tutor may ask you to read a portion of your paper aloud since this is one of the best ways for you to tune in to your use of language.
  • You and your tutor will discuss any writing concerns you may have. If time allows, your tutor may address other issues that need attention.
  • Tutors are trained to assess various writing situations and provide advice to writers. For long projects, tutors may choose to extend a meeting if no other student is scheduled or waiting.
  • Our experience shows that you will benefit more if you take what you learned at your initial meeting and work for a time on your own before returning for a follow-up meeting.
  • You and your tutor can then review the progress you made on your assignment or project.

What Tutors Do NOT Do

  • Writing Center tutors do not replace your instructors, who are invaluable guides on writing assignments. Use the Writing Center to enhance and not pass up classroom instruction as the best way to keep your writing on track.
  • Tutors do not fix or proofread papers for you. Instead, they help you improve your own papers. Tutors will go over grammatical rules so that you can learn to proofread your own work.
  • Tutors do not predict or guarantee grades. They cannot make statements about grades because they are not conducting or attending the class that assigned your writing project.
  • Tutors do not know everything. When unable to answer a question or help with an assignment, your tutor will refer you to the appropriate staff member or research the problem to find a solution.