Christiansen, Karen


Karen Christiansen

Karen Christiansen joined DCTC in August 2011 as a Customized Training Coordinator with a focus on Health and Human Services.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, with a BS in Education, her first job was as a secondary English teacher in Somerset, Wisconsin. During that time she decided she wanted to work at a vocational/technical college and a requirement was work experience other than teaching.

To accomplish that, she worked within the circulation department at the St. Paul Pioneer Press as a supervisor of their subscriber service desk operations and as an Assistant Division Manager for delivery operations. A husband and two children later, she became a sales consultant for Coastal Training Technologies, providing companies and schools with maintenance related training materials. Adding time as a company trainer for the Business Services phone center at Deluxe Corporation in Shoreview, Karen now had experiences in teaching, service, management, training and sales.

That all came together, after some 25 years of "other" work experience, when she took a position at a great vocational/technical school, DCTC. Karen has come full circle and loves her position helping students and companies with educational opportunities in all areas. "Learning is life long. You may change your path in finding a job/vocation, but it always comes down to learning something new."

Her children are now grown, her husband still loves fishing and Karen is always on the lookout for old Pez candy containers to add to her collection. Her last vacation was to Iceland and she looks forward to presentations at the Walker Art Center to watch award winning TV commercials.

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Karen Christiansen
Health & Human Services Coordinator