2021 Alumni Fund Drive

Alumni Fund Drive


Goal: $7,500
126% Funded
$9,480 Raised
0 Days to Go

2021 Alumni Fund Drive

Making Dreams a Reality

A primary purpose of DCTC’s Alumni Association is to guide, support, and engage with students to foster their success. For this reason, the Alumni Advisory Board supports students through an annual fund drive each December.

These funds are life-changing – making dreams a reality through scholarship awards, emergency funds for crisis situations, and support for academic programs. Proceeds allow current, and future, students to focus more intently on their studies and worry less about financial hurdles. Alumni donations help our students persist to graduation and secure rewarding careers.

This year, former DCTC business and management student Susan Sorensen Langer provided a lead gift of $2,500 towards the Making Dreams a Reality fund drive. Susan is the CEO of Spave, a financial technology startup that provides the world's first and only wholeness app that helps people save while they spend. The Spave® app empowers users to harness routine, daily purchases to boost their savings and contribute to charities and organizations that inspire them—all while managing their finances with more control and confidence.

Susan’s generous gift gets us one-third of the way towards our goal of raising $7,500! Join Susan, the Alumni Board, and fellow graduates enabling students to reach their goals of becoming welders, graphic designers, business professionals, medical assistants, and more!

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