Course Outlines

Radiology — DENT 1250

  1. Course Description
    • Credits: 5.00
    • Lecture Hours/Week: 3.00
    • Lab Hours/Week: 2.00
    • OJT Hours/Week: 0
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Corequisites: None
    • MnTC Goals: None
    This course requires instructor approval if not taken in the semester sequence. This course assists the student with an understanding of how radiation is produced, principles of protection for the patient and the operator, and techniques for processing radiographs as well as identifying processing errors. This course covers the techniques used in exposing intraoral radiographs as well as technical errors and corrections. Students will learn to mount and evaluate films for their diagnostic value. The student will be exposed to the extraoral accessory films utilized in the dental office and the procedural techniques for exposing them. Prerequisites: Admission to Dental Assisting Program or instructor permission
  2. Course Effective Dates: 2/26/98 – Present
  3. Outline of Major Content Areas
      As noted on course syllabus
  4. Learning Outcomes
    1. Demonstrate proficiency in taking radiographs for a Minnesota licensed dental assistant.
    2. Communicate effectively and establish a positive relationship with dental patients and student team members.
    3. Demonstrate the knowledge necessary to become a licensed dental assistant in Minnesota by passing national and state board examinations.
  5. Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal Area(s) and Competencies
  6. Learner Outcomes Assessment
      As noted on course syllabus
  7. Special Information
      None noted