Course Outlines

Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development — ISTC 2330

  1. Course Description
    • Credits: 3.00
    • Lecture Hours/Week: 2.00
    • Lab Hours/Week: 1.00
    • OJT Hours/Week: 0
    • Prerequisites:
      • ISTC 1510: Web Programming I
      • ISTC 1510: Web Programming I
    • Corequisites: None
    • MnTC Goals: None
    This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts of cross-platform application development and to get them started in developing mobile applications. Participants will build mobile applications while learning what makes mobile applications different from desktop applications. All prerequisites must be met to take this course, or have an instructor approval. Prerequisite: ISTC1510 Web Programming I
  2. Course Effective Dates: 8/22/11 – Present
  3. Outline of Major Content Areas
      As noted on course syllabus
  4. Learning Outcomes
    1. multimedia on mobile
    2. set up a development environment
    3. understand device differences
    4. understand native development vs. cross-compiling
    5. understand platform differences
    6. understand the differences between mobile development, browser development and desktop development
    7. use Geolocation
    8. use a device accelerometer
    9. use device databases
    10. use device emulators
    11. using user locales
    12. work with device contacts
    13. work with the device calendar
    14. working with user gestures
  5. Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal Area(s) and Competencies
  6. Learner Outcomes Assessment
      As noted on course syllabus
  7. Special Information
      None noted