Course Outlines

Electric Motors/Controls/Schematics — HVAC 1140

  1. Course Description
    • Credits: 2.00
    • Lecture Hours/Week: 2.00
    • Lab Hours/Week: 0.00
    • OJT Hours/Week: 0
    • Prerequisites: None
    • Corequisites: None
    • MnTC Goals: None
    This course covers the operating principles of electric motors and control components used in HVAC/R industry.
  2. Course Effective Dates: 8/24/15 – Present
  3. Outline of Major Content Areas
      As noted on course syllabus
  4. Learning Outcomes
    1. Demonstrate proper HVAC/R technician behavior and participate in the ride along days, as well as recognizing, defining and practicing safe work habits.
    2. Define, identify and analyze components used in motor control circuits, including the motors being controlled. Discuss the characteristics and principles of operation of these components.
    3. Trace, draw and construct electrical diagrams and other miscellaneous electrical projects.
    4. Select, install and test to ensure proper operation of motor overloads and relays.
  5. Minnesota Transfer Curriculum Goal Area(s) and Competencies
  6. Learner Outcomes Assessment
      As noted on course syllabus
  7. Special Information
      None noted